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We at Live Better Creatives are specializing in branding, digital and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, change makers and businesses. We’re experts at designing and guiding tailored processes that deliver tangible results and powerful insights. Browse through our services and imagine your organisation at the leading edge of the digital marketplace.

Uncovering and experiencing a deep knowing of your ‘why’ is what gets you out of bed each morning. Translating that magic into a practical, beautiful and effective marketing campaign is where we come in. Understanding the ‘who’ of your organisation or business and where you are headed allows us to lift the veil on how you are going to get there. Deep listening and professional awareness come together to create an actionable, goal-orientated pathway to success!


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Delivering full circle, artistic, digital products complete from idea to analyses. Each project includes concept creation, user research & testing, development, design, post-launch analytics & tracking and flows from a solid foundation of understanding goals and values, cohesive branding, clear communication and client engagement.


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We specialise in social media management, video creation and editing, commercials, design and digital solutions. Our mission is to help impact driven organisations and businesses excel in order to build a better future for us all. Through careful identification of digital factors to focus on, LBC is committed to finding and creating specialised, innovative media solutions for our clients.


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High level, holistic brand experiences elevate you above the noise of the  competition. A strong, cohesive vision for your brand will thrill your audience, electrify support within your industry, amplify your organisational scalability, call out to top-performing, like-minded talent and ultimately catapult you over the line to making real impact! Too powerful to leave to chance, we’ve reviewed, refined and optimized our branding process to meet the unique needs of the social sector.


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To make your experience as creative and fun as possible we have developed a process to help get the best results. Read through our process as well as an in-depth look at each step for services so you know what to expect.

How it works?
Initial Consultation
We want to hear your vision! Developing a deep understanding of your organisational values, drives and needs empowers the creation of potent marketing solutions that carry your business forward with finesse and ease.

After this initial meeting, LBC can offer a custom marketing pathway based on your requirements and budget. We welcome your collaboration and feedback to ensure the fit is just right. You may include as many or as few of your team members as required as all meetings will be held virtually or in telephone conference.  
Sign Your Contract
Once you are happy with the projected marketing pathway LBC will issue and sign a formal contract so both parties can enjoy financial security and protection whilst working together.
Strategy & Workplan Development
This contains the formal directives outlining the parameters of the project, including any priority items and due dates.
Work in Progress
Your marketing team work begins as per the agreed workplan and we liaise with you on a weekly basis.
Monthly Reports
We will issue a monthly report to showcase progress, outcomes and next steps as per the agreed upon workplan.


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