Branding Services

Every brand needs an identity


Visually communicating what your organisation or business is about instantly and with great effect is what brilliant branding is all about! An undeniably powerful tool for establishing credibility and recognition within your industry, our boutique logo design and branding is essential for birthing or rebranding your business.  

Brands with cohesive messaging signal professionalism, longevity and integrity and are more readily able to nurture and grow support with their target market and professional sector. LBC have reviewed, refined and optimized our branding process to meet the unique needs of the social sector; our experienced team includes designers, copywriters and strategists are eager to use their talents in aid of impact driven initiatives.

All logo files and supporting documents library will guarantee your organisation is prepared for every situation. Equipped with industry standard media assets and a branded personality for your organisation, you will be ready to engage and retain your audience with communications that elevate your presence in person and online.

  • Naming & Taglines

  • Logos & Visual Identities

  • Brand Strategy & Communications

  • Brand Guidelines / Style Guides

  • Moodboard Design

  • Infographics


To make your experience as creative and fun as possible we have developed a process to help get the best results. Read through our process as well as an in-depth look at each step for services so you know what to expect.

How it works?
Initial Consultation
We want to hear your vision! Developing a deep understanding of your organisational values, drives and needs empowers the creation of potent marketing solutions that carry your business forward with finesse and ease.

After this initial meeting, LBC can offer a custom marketing pathway based on your requirements and budget. We welcome your collaboration and feedback to ensure the fit is just right. You may include as many or as few of your team members as required as all meetings will be held virtually or in telephone conference.  
Sign Your Contract
Once you are happy with the projected marketing pathway LBC will issue and sign a formal contract so both parties can enjoy financial security and protection whilst working together.
Strategy & Workplan Development
This contains the formal directives outlining the parameters of the project, including any priority items and due dates.
Work in Progress
Your marketing team work begins as per the agreed workplan and we liaise with you on a weekly basis.
Monthly Reports
We will issue a monthly report to showcase progress, outcomes and next steps as per the agreed upon workplan.


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