marketing Services

Enhancing the creativity of your brand


Be incomparable. Our goal is for your target audience to recognise your organisation anywhere in the digital landscape and be proud to align themselves with you.

Establishing a distinguished design presence throughout the digital space, LBC can take your existing branding or design something new; creating sophisticated, resonate, scroll stopping content for a cohesive social media account upgrade!

Perfect for: Organisations or businesses that need their visual communication to be flawless.

Building strong connections through engagement (likes, comments etc), LBC aims to cultivate and nourish trust,  brand awareness and connection with your followers.  Customised data and research guarantees your followers are consistent with the demographics and behaviors of your target market; increasing online sales, word of mouth and referrals.

Designing effective retargeting ads to capture and covert recent visitors keeps your organisation in the front of your audience. Coupled with unique social media advertising campaigns, the increasing  website traffic will directly influence leads and sales.

  • Social Media Channels Strategy

  • Social Media Profiles Setup

  • Competitior Analysis

  • Content Creation & Photography

  • Captions and Hashtag Research

  • Copywriting

  • Scheduling & Automations

  • Paid Advertisements: increasing follower-base, website visits, post engagements, lead generation

  • Brand Outreach to Influencers

  • Monthly Reports & Analysis

  • Starter | 1 social profile, 30 posts/month

  • Mid-Tier | 3 social profiles, 30 posts/month/profile

  • Advanced | 5+ social profiles, 30 posts/month/profile


To make your experience as creative and fun as possible we have developed a process to help get the best results. Read through our process as well as an in-depth look at each step for services so you know what to expect.

How it works?
Initial Consultation
We want to hear your vision! Developing a deep understanding of your organisational values, drives and needs empowers the creation of potent marketing solutions that carry your business forward with finesse and ease.

After this initial meeting, LBC can offer a custom marketing pathway based on your requirements and budget. We welcome your collaboration and feedback to ensure the fit is just right. You may include as many or as few of your team members as required as all meetings will be held virtually or in telephone conference.  
Sign Your Contract
Once you are happy with the projected marketing pathway LBC will issue and sign a formal contract so both parties can enjoy financial security and protection whilst working together.
Strategy & Workplan Development
This contains the formal directives outlining the parameters of the project, including any priority items and due dates.
Work in Progress
Your marketing team work begins as per the agreed workplan and we liaise with you on a weekly basis.
Monthly Reports
We will issue a monthly report to showcase progress, outcomes and next steps as per the agreed upon workplan.


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