Peachy clean hygiene

Peachy Clean Hygiene is an environmentally focused, small bathroom supply company that sells on Amazon.

The owners share a passion for clean living and conscious consumption and have a vision for a world without toilet paper. Their website serves as an educational platform for potential and current customers to learn about the personal and environmental benefits of bidet use. It covers practical use and installation with branding, custom infographics, illustrations, installation and promotional videos and a browser tab icon created by our team.  

After satisfactorily completing these tasks with them, we worked together on consecutive social media campaigns, 10x their following in a matter of weeks  and creating a series of facebook ads to help drive business to their new product.

  • Marketing Department Coordination

  • Marketing Research & Startegy

  • Social Media Management

  • Branded Advertising Campaigns

  • Ad Tracking Systems Setup

  • Internal Communication Systems Management

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Videography & Motion Graphics

  • Ongoing Support

the result

A successful launch! It is a pleasure to work with socially minded entrepreneurs  bringing their eco-friendly product to market. We are pleased to report that the business continues to grow and is making a positive impact amidst the aged care community for whom hygiene and safety are a big concern.

"It was such a relief to hand over our social media campaigning to LBC; I was able to focus on product production and all that it entails without losing momentum. I get to do what I do best and leave the digital marketing to the experts!"

— N. A. Ismail | Co-Founder