invest islands foundation

Invest islands Foundation is a non-profit organization with respectable core values and a passion for social responsibility.

The founders had a vision for a beautiful, interactive and engaging website that tells a story of positive, humanitarian projects they have spearheaded for the underprivileged communities of South Lombok, Indonesia with great success.

They came to us with a logo and a lot of great ideas so we worked closely with their team to come up with the creative direction, layout and branding for their website, social media and graphics.

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Creative Direction

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Ongoing Support

the result

A vision brought to life! The Foundation website was completed in just 2 months, delivering an engaging user-experience along with built-in interactive features as required by their audience. The finished website enabled fundraising efforts to skyrocket and we are proud to continue supporting their work in the future.

"LBC helped the company to gain branding, and ended up getting not only a now well-positioned brand but also a well oiled marketing automated machine. Very skillfully able to materialise abstract ideas into aesthetically appealing marketing material under the form of a website, brochures, flyers and digital marketing, LBC has proven to be extremely pleasurable to work with too. Very much recommended."

— Kevin D. | Founder & Director