alam santi

Alam Santi is a grass roots organisation that supports the local community in impact-oriented, environmentally-sensitive enterprises and projects; aiming to support the sustainable development of Bali and neighbouring islands undergoing rapid growth from booming foreign investment.

Passionate about taking local-owned,  ethical products from ideation to the global marketplace, Alam Santi recruited LBC to assist with market research, branding and developing both local and international marketing strategies for an organic honey production co-operative from the Sumartran rainforest.

  • Inbox management, tailored brochure production for a variety of stakeholders, telephone sales management, client journey management and in depth, ongoing support

  • Social media production and coordination including: posts, images and videos

  • SEO strategy and implementation planning and development including: keyword planning process, review with specialists , training and empowering the local team to understand and integrate SEO processes

  • Website development and Coordination including: frameworks, user experience and style sheet development and coordination

  • LBC also assisted Alam Santi through legal consultation on an eco development project, covering:

  • site visits and eco development planning and due diligence

  • proposal development

  • financial planning and guides

  • crafting business proposals and presentations for investors

the result

A strong, ongoing relationship with Alam Santi provides LBC an opportunity to contribute to meaningful, economic change across the Indonesaion archipelago; aligning us with our passion and strengthening our networks throughout the sustainable development industry.

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